Your trusted supplier for value-added nutritional ingredients

Leverancier van hoogwaardige voedingsingrediënten

Wij leveren aan zowel de humane als aan de diervoeding industrie met producten als vlas (lijnzaad), linzen, kikkererwten, soja-isolaat, kruiden en thee. Alle producten zijn GMO vrij en desgewenst ecologisch en of Kosher

Supplier of value-added nutritional ingredients

We supply both the human food and pet food industries with varieties of flax (linseed), lentils, chick peas, soya isolate, spices and tea. All products are G.M. free and, if required, organic and Kosher certified

Fournisseur d’ingrédients alimentaires de qualité

Nous fournissons à la fois l’humain et l’industrie des aliments pour animaux avec des produits tels que du lin (graine de lin), des lentilles, des pois chiches, de l’isolat de soja, des épices et du thé. Tous les produits sont sans OGM et, sur demande, casher et écologique

About Us

We are the #1 source for all your nutritional ingredients!
Ingredients4Health, based in the centre of Europe, is a supplier of value added nutritional ingredients. We supply teas, spices, flax (linseed), chick peas and lentils all of which are GM free and if required organic and Kosher certified. We only work with a small group of strategic partners, that we have a personal relationship with, to make sure that the highest quality ingredients are sourced from reliable suppliers. We supply to both the human food and pet food markets.

Latest Products

We now offer wide range of flax seeds oils ranging from Banana, Coconut, Italian, Thai, Szechuan and Indian
Non-Dairy Milk
Rich, creamy and delicious 3-Omega-6 Dairy-free Flax Drink from Good Karma Foods EU is a new healthy dairy alternative and the only one to offer you all the benefits of flax seed oil – the highest plant based source of healthy Omega 3.
Green tea is made solely from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis that have undergone minimal oxidization during processing. Over the past few decades, green teas has been subjected to many medical and scientific studies to determine the extent of its long-purported health benefits.
Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than green tea, and is generally stronger in flavor and retains its flavor over a longer period of time.